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Special thanks to Neil McNaughton, Randy Hawkins, Bruce Turner, and Gary Pittman for believing in the importance of Labrador Innu toponymic work.


The interactive place name map that appears on this site was greatly inspired by the Cree Cultural Institute's work on a similar website. We wish to thank the Cree Cultural Institute for sharing their ideas and for their encouragement.


The Innu place names available on this site were collected in the context of a number of research projects going back to the mid-1970s. We have named two of these projects "INNUTOP" and "LAMAP." INNUTOP was carried out in the fall of 1994 with a report on the project submitted to the Innu Nation by José Mailhot in 1995. LAMAP was carried out in the summer of 1980 by Innu researchers in Sheshatshiu and the former Utshimassit (Davis Inlet). José Mailhot and Anne-Marie Baraby subsequently created a database with the place names found on the LAMAP map sheets.

Here are the names of the people who worked on these projects.

Validation phase - José Mailhot, Peter Armitage, Marguerite MacKenzie, Ishpashtien Piwas, Shuash Gregoire, Napess Ashini, Pashin Penashue, Atuan Penashue.

INNUTOP - José Mailhot, Nui Rich, Naisha Penunsi, Pinip Nuna.

LAMAP - Anikashanit Andrew, Masen Ashini, Napess Ashini, Pitan Penashue, Tshan Jack, Shinipesht Andrew, Shuash Gregoire, Etien Pastiwet, José Mailhot, Anne-Marie Baraby, Adrian Tanner.

Other projects - Shuash Gregoire, Anikashanit Andrew, Georg Henriksen, Brenda Sakauye.

Researchers who conducted interviews from which place name stories were selected for this website include Atuan Penashue, Bart Jack Jr., Clarence Nui, David Nuna, José Mailhot, Mark Nui, Michelle Snow, Murielle Niemans, Napaen Rich, Peter Armitage, Pien Gregoire, Tamien Benuen, Tom Green.

Innu experts

Many Innu people shared their knowledge of place names with various researchers going back to the mid-1970s. While many of them are no longer with us, we are very happy that their memory lives on through the place names on this site.

Validation phase

Etuat Mistenapeo, Ishpashtien Benuen, Ishpashtien Penunsi, Mani-Aten Penashue, Mishen Jack, Napaien Mollen, Nishet Penashue, Nui Penashue, Pien Penashue, Pinashue Penashue, Puniss Nuke, Shapatish Malec, Shuashem Nui, Tshani Rich, Zacharie Bellefleur.

LAMAP and other projects

Etuat Mistenapeo, Etuat Piwas, Gilbert Rich, Manik Mistenapeo, Neun Rich, Pien Katshinak, Pinamen Katshinak, Pinashue Benuen, Pinip Rich, Sam Napeu, Shapatish Pastiwet, Shuashem Nui, Shushep Katshinak, Shushep Piwas, Tepit Rich, Tommy Rich, Tshan (Kaniuekutat) Poker, Tshishennish Pasteen, Tuma Noah, Enum Abraham, Etuat Rich, Ishpashtien Penunsi, Joseph Nuna Sr., Matias Pone, Matiu Nuna, Matiu Penashue, Mishen Pasteen, Nui Penashue, Nuk Nui, Pien Penashue, Pien-Shushep Selma, Shimun Gregoire, Shinipesht Andrew, Shushep Nuna Jr.

Audio recordings

Recordings of each place name in the website database were made with Tuma Poker, Kanani Penashue, Pinute Atuan, Shanimen Benuen, and Pashin Penashue by Marguerite MacKenzie. Laurel Anne Hasler undertook the editing work to create audio clips of the place names. Additional audio recordings were provided by Kanikuen Penashue and Pinip Rich.

Audio narratives

Audio narratives concerning place names were extracted from recorded interviews with a variety of people including,

Etuat Mistenapeo, Georg Henriksen, Ishpashtien Penunsi, Manian Michel, Manian Selma, Maniaten Andrew, Mani-Matinen Nuna, Manishan Nui, Mani-Shushet Mistenapeo, Matiu Penashue, Napess Ashini, Nishet Penashue, Pien Penashue, Pien Penashue, Pinip Michel, Pinip Rich, Puniss Nuke, Shuashem Nui, Shushep Nuna, Uniam Katshinak.

Audio narratives were provided by the following Innu youth - An-Mani Tuma, Ben Penashue, Irene Rich, Kanani Penashue, Leonard Rich, Maniaten Mestenapeo, Massen Benuen, Massen Rich, Tshan Hart.

Video clips

Innu Nation, Nigel Markham, Peter Armitage, Rina Freed, Roland Butler, Tanien Ashini, Tom Perry, Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland, and The Rooms, Provincial Archives Division provided video clips for this website.

Photos & background information

The following people provided background information on photographs and other matters related to the site.

Alex Saunders, Amos Mucko, Audrey Wiggins, Frances Williams, Louis Montague, Mary Voisey, Max McLean, Natasha Canning, Ruth Voisey, Tony Jenkinson.

The following people provided photos of places named on the site.

Anikashanit Andrew, Gerry Pasteen, Kanishte Poker, Manishan Edmunds, Mark Nui, Prote Poker, Shuash Gregoire, Shuash Rich, Tanien Ashini, Tepit Nuke, Beatrice Dickers, Brian Williams, Camille Fouillard, Fred Schwarz, Gary Pittman Georg Henriksen, Gerry Penney, Janet Kergoat, Kevin McAleese, Marie Wadden, Michael Weiler, Annette Lutterman, Moira McCaffrey, Nigel Markham, Peter Armitage, Rick Cober Bauman, Roland Butler, Stephen Loring, Ted Gorsline, Tony Jenkinson, Troy Gibbs, Trudy Sable.

The following are institutional sources of photos used on the site.

Canadian Museum of Civilization
Innu Nation archives
Labrador Institute of Memorial University
The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Bowdoin College
Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian
Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives
Them Days

Also thanks to

Marguerite MacKenzie for significant assistance in crafting the text for "More Information on Labrador Innu place names." This section is inspired by the work of José Mailhot. Thanks also to Marguerite MacKenzie for reviewing the phonetic transcriptions of the place name pronunciations, and her work on the Pronunciation Guide to Innu Place Names.

Innu youth in Natuashish and Sheshatshiu who contributed audio narratives to the website.

Manin Dicker and Manian Nui who recorded the narratives from the Natuashish youth.

Fred Wood (Queen Elizabeth Regional High School, Foxtrap, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland), Valérie Courtois (Innu Nation), Clarence Davis, and Wendy Thomas (Canadian Information Network) for reviewing draft versions of this site.

Enen Andrew, Jeanine Katshinak, Katie Rich, Manishan Edmunds, Pashin Penashue, and Shapatish Tshakapesh for their advice about the name for this website - Pepamuteiati nitassinat.

Laurent Girouard for creating the marvelous 4D database and digital basemaps in MAPINFO GIS used to manage place names from all of the databases that were used in preparing this website.

Cal Patey for assistance with project management in his capacity as acting Director of Education for the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation.

David Denton at the Cree Cultural Institute for his collaboration.